YAWP! is a lightweight REST API framework focused on productivity and scalability.

It is first targeted to run on Google Cloud Platform. It leverages its power by the seamless integration of different cloud APIs into a simple web framework.

The server side is written in Java and works on Google Appengine. The client side is written in Javascript and works on Node.js or a browser.

Contributors are always welcome, the source code is at

Below, a quick overview of its usage and features.

Short Example

Everything happens around a plain Java object:

@Endpoint(path = "/people")
public class Person {
    IdRef<Person> id;             
    String name;

Then you we access it from Javascript:

var yawp = require('yawp');

var promise = yawp('/people').create({name: 'janes'}).then(function(person) {
    console.log('created',; = 'janes joplin';
    return {

And then we can customize it with the extra features below.

Core Features

Server Side:

Client Side: